50 Modern bathrooms relaxing space in modern decoration

Have you ever felt difficult in arranging the elements in your bathroom? Or you have no idea in creating a comfortable space for your bathing experience? Cerasa, an Italian company has made a fascinating collection of 50 modern bathroom designs to give you some inspiration Try to relax yourself and think more camly or you may look for some ideas from this designs. Look and decide.
For you who need more space in bathing, these designs are strongly suggested. Dominated by in-floor bathtubs, these ramarkable designs create deep impression from the first sight. You can feel a mini swimming pool ambiance in all the spot. The color used is also dominated by neutral tone which is able to lift up the comfort. These luxurious design is decorated based on your feeling, sex, and needs. You may see a girls bathroom which is designed especially for young girls. Pink becomes the crucial tone to cheer up girls’ bathing experience. Circular mirror and rug are too chic and attractve.

Considering your wants, Cerasa promote unique decor including the ceilings, walls, and furnishings. A fancy ceiling is constructed nicely to manage the impression. Walls are alo decorated differently from common settings. Wall art becomes the best choice to compose a beautiful view inside your bathing space. Talking about furniture, these 50 modern bathroom use attractive and interesting details, from a surprising pendant lamps, unique shape of mirrors, extraordinary bathtubs, and astonishing bathroom chairs. You can also see the accesories displayed inside the room, it comes with the most contemporary to the most natural like greeny plants.


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