Amazing Kitchen Designs from Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showrooms

Observing the Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showrooms, I found some inspirational kitchen design ideas that I am going to share for you. There are some amazing kitchen designs in the Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showroom and I love one of them. What I am interested it the big decision of decorating the kitchen with a certain bold wall decoration. This rarely happens for decorating a kitchen as the common fact that wall decoration usually comes for the other room of the home. In one of the Copenhagen’s Kitchen Showroom, the wall decoration that is used is pretty bold and confidently taken. A large artistic pattern in bold black is decorating the kitchen. Surprisingly, this wall decoration works really cool for the kitchen with other elements. There is a long white wall mounted cupboard on this decorated wall. A modern white kitchen island with glossy black countertop is suitable for the decorated wall.

The dining space with black table and some gray chairs also work cooperatively with the decorated wall. And another important thing of this kitchen design is the lighting. In this artistic modern kitchen design, two pendant lamps in white and black cooperatively give a nice decoration and functions. There is another way of creating a captivating kitchen with decorated wall. And there are also some examples of kitchen designs with a pure color of the wall. Which one do you like most?


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