Astounding Bedroom with Combination of Bookcase: The Uroko House

Flickr has presented some amazing pictures for us of an astounding bedroom which is combined with bookcase with excellent design. This amazing creature of the combination between bed and bookcase is from Point Architects from Tokyo. This extraordinary bed with creative idea was called the Uroko House. This awesome bed has perfect design that is similar to an igloo, Eskimo’s house. With a rounded shape, the bed will be eye-catching. However, this rounded shape bed of Uroko House consumes a lot of spaces. This will be suitable for spacious room. Although it takes a lot of space, one will not need a bookcase anymore since there are many spaces for books and magazines. The bookcase covers the bed. It enables the user to keep in touch with his/her books collection even he/she is going to sleep. Above the bookcase, there is decorative arched roof.

The roof was designed in attractive way which can also be colorful. When the amazing Uroko House is applied in good angle, it will be able to catch a lot of attention. We realize that one side, Uroko House consumes a lot of space, but in other side, it economizes the space for a bookcase. It also gives attractive decoration to the bedroom. These pictures below give you inspiration of applying the Uroko House.


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