Astounding and Original Design of REK Coffee Table by Reinier de Jong

All of you will be surprised by this astounding and original design of a stylish coffee table. An architect and designer Reinier de Jong has created a dazzling coffee table entitled REK Coffee Table. This interesting product was created from a wooden block. At first, this unusual coffee table looks very simple, as simple as a wooden block. However, it can be extended to have unpredictable functions. This multifunction coffee table not only gives the function of a coffee table where someone is able to put meals, beverage and magazines on it, but also gives the function of bookcase.

By simply extend the table, one will have more space and surface of the table and a space for a bookcase as it has a hollow space. It can be also extended in another way. Take a look at the picture so that you will understand how this amazing REK coffee table works for you. With the ability of extending, it can appear in some stunning appearances. The needs of the extending will depend on the needs of how large space is needed. REK coffee table can be extended maximally 170 cm in length and 130 cm in width. Are you interested with this creative coffee table for your living room?


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