Attractive Starbucks Coffee Shop by Nendo

A very creative idea from a Japanese design studio Nendo in creating a new experience in enjoying a coffee at Starbucks coffee shop successfully attracted a lot of visitors to come. It is at a Starbucks coffee shop in Tokyo. The coffee shop was designed similar to a library. Since spending free time while having relaxation, reading and enjoying coffee, is very joyful that a lot of persons love to have this kind of experience, the Starbucks coffee shop in Tokyo take this idea to give special impression to the visitors.

Having coffee at this shop is very comfortable since the environment really supports everyone to maximize their coffee time. This Starbucks coffee shop has librarian look with full book shelves on the whole wall, floor to ceiling book shelves, that is called ‘Starbucks Espresso Journey’. With some ceiling lamps and a soft color dominates the interior, the visitors will be able to feel a serene ambience in this Starbucks coffee shop. It has also luxurious and elegant effect that show classy place for classy persons. There are a lot of books inside the book cases. The visitors are able to find information about the coffee types. They will be satisfied to have a coffee in this amazing coffee shop. Are you interested?


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