Black and White Combination for Minimalist and Elegant Look

Nowadays, some people love to have black and white colors combination of interior for this colors combination will give minimalist and elegant effect to the interior. One of the creative furniture in black and white theme comes from Ex.t, an Italian company. With this colors combination of black and white of the bathroom furniture, the bathroom will look more stylish and playful. For example, the combination between white elegant bathtub, white artistic lamp, white shelving unit and white storage with black lines looks interesting.

The combination of black wall and white flooring with elegant rectangular mirror and washbasin looks exciting. Black and white tiles can also be integrated in this situation. Black tiles can be the right background for a sleek washbasin in black and a modern white cabinet. While the white tiles can work cooperatively with black washbasin, white mirror and shelving unit with artistic motive and a white vertical cabinet with black characters that show “love”. All those combinations of black and white are chic and captivating. These pictures are only the examples that you can get some inspiration from them. And now let me see what your imagination of today’s theme of black and white is. And if you have already had the black and white combination in your bathroom, please share it!


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