Breathtaking Natural Design: the Bamboo Wood by Block Cocinas

A breathtaking natural design of contemporary kitchen entitled the bamboo wood was designed by Block Cocinas to meet the needs of a contemporary kitchen with beautiful decoration. The design is interesting with some selected materials such as wood, steels, aluminums, natural stones etc. The combination of those elements gives the precise effect of amazing natural warm of the kitchen. The bamboo wood is the basic material of the kitchen cabinet, cupboard and the kitchen island. The cabinet exists in flat surface of the gray wall. The look is excellent.

The kitchen island attached from the wall to the middle space of the kitchen. The kitchen island has perfect combination of wood and white material. It looks really captivating. The kitchen island is extended in 90’ to be an interesting L shape as a dining table and a place for the kitchen. It enables one to have an easy way of working with stove as the other kitchen appliances are available in the kitchen island and in the cupboard near to the window that is near to the stove. There are also white simple lines of shelving units that also decorates unpredictably for the kitchen. All the elements with the layout are pretty cool.


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