Captivating iPhone Accessory The Bobine

You must be surprised with the idea of creative charging device for iPhone. The Bobine, an excellent yet captivating iPhone accessories that functions as a charger cable with e built-in USB, was designed by [Fuse] Chicken will directly attract you. It has simple design like an ordinary cable. However, the Bobine will be friendlier for your iPhone and you. It supports the iPhone with strong strength so that you can form the Bober in whatsoever shape. Take a look at the pictures below and you will see how this friendly accessory cooperates with your iPhone. On the table, this strong Bobine can support and hold the iPhone to stand like a cobra snake. This leads the iPhone to show confidently in an impressive appearance. On an electric socket on a wall, the Bobine supports and hangs the iPhone well. In this position, the Bobine does not let the iPhone falls down. It hangs strongly the iPhone and gives more safety to it. It will be a solution if the socket is too high and the cable is too short for the socket. Then, it can also be applied in a car without disturbing the driver in controlling the car. Aren’t you interested? This Bobine will work excellently with your iPhone.


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