Captivating Unusual yet Creative Door Design by Matharoo Associates: The Curtain Door

Curtain Door – Does your home support for a massive door? There is unusual door with creative design, unusual size and shape created by Matharoo Associates entitled the Curtain Door. This impressing yet captivating door is designed in artistic way so that the result will be extraordinary that everyone will be amazed. The way of opening and closing of this door is also unusual. When it is closed, the door looks very huge like a door for a giant.

When it is opened, the door forms an attractive shape of the wooden parts of the door. Since the door is structured from some wooden parts, the appearance is artistic. This Curtain Door will create a beautiful curvy line when it is open. You can take a look at the picture and you will be surprised with this amazing massive door and to know how it works. With a sleek handle, the design is perfect. Although the door is in huge size, everyone can open it easily. This wooden massive door is suitable for a modern natural or industrial themed home with high ceiling. A strong industrial wall and a warm natural wooden wall will integrate excellently with this spectacular curtain door. Can you apply this massive yet impressive curtain door in another astonishing way?


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