Creative, Comfortable and Joyful Armchair by Florent Coirier: PortiqueArmchair

Outside experience in a public part can come to the home. We are going to share about a creative armchair as the combination between a comfortable armchair and a swing entitled PortiqueArmchair that was designed by Paris-based designer, Florent Coirier. The design is very sleek and modern. It will be suitable for your modern interior of your home. It will also create a nice experience of relaxation with playful and joyful effect. Kids can be excited to have this awesome PortiqueArmchair. They will be able to sit on a nice armchair with a rocking seat. The construction of the frame and legs of this unique armchair supports the movements of the seat so that this PortiqueArmchair will always be stable even a kid rocks the chair. The materials used are materials common to shipbuilding, strong aluminum tube. For the swing experience, the designer used a strong natural rope to hold and hang the seat board. The seat board is made from wood.

All the parts, seat board, rope, legs, arms and frame are integrated excellently to give perfect service to the user. The arms allow the kids to have more safety seating. They can hold the arm while they are playing with this swing chair. With this PortiqueArmchair, kids have a chance to play in their home without need to go out to a public park.


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