Creative design comes to your space

Many house owner prefer a modern design with simple style rather than a busy and complicated one. The problem commonly occur because the wrong arrangement of the ornaments and accesories in a room. Therefore, it looks full of things and corwded. Olga Kataevskaya has proved that much details are not always bad for your room. She introduces her creative design through many ornaments, you can say many many ornaments. The mixed bag of amazing room designs offers an extraordinary look that create attractive performance. It happens when you organize many things creatively.
On the other hand, applying creative minds through lighting and walls can also create fantastic appearance in your bedroom. The overhead lamps put on your headboard can amuse our eyes from the first sight. You may try to organize your favorite wardrobes in a staircase up to dressing area in order to facilitate the things in the right place rather than putting them in a closet. You may see the attractive view without creating crowded ambiance.

Combining two different purposes in one package of room is a great choice. The shared home office situation gives you a personal area to do your job and enjoy the life. Sometimes you have to think smart in choosing the color. White and black color that mixed carefully in your culinary space will increase the to tone and let the cabinetery looks suitable in space. But don’t forget to organize your special relaxing space. Taking a low false wall is able to keep the plumbing in hidden area and finally to keep your knick-knacks put orderly.


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