A Creative yet Stylish Table Design by WamHouse: Egg Table

A creative yet stylish design of a table has come from Polish design studio WamHouse, Egg Table. The egg table was created in modern touch and indeed provided for a contemporary interior. It can work for any room of a modern home. The design is pretty cool with excellent shape. The creator has successfully broken the border of an ordinary design to have a stunning design. The design of the Egg Table was the amazing result of a brilliant inspiration of nature. It was born from the idea of bird, tree, egg and the sunny-side up. The design is enchanting with a strong leg that is similar to a strong root of a tree. This strong root is able to support and let the table stand in stabile way.

Then, the table top is similar to a sunny-side up. With the perfect shape and colors, the appearance of this table looks very interesting. With this creative yet unusual table, a certain space will be more attractive. This amazing Egg Table will communicate well with the visitors and lead them to have a nice imagination and humor. This table looks exciting with the extravagance and cheerful effect. What can you see and interpret from this surprising Egg Table?


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