Dazzling Natural Sideboard by Angelo Tomaiuolo: LEAVES

What kinds of sideboard do you have? LEAVES is a dazzling sideboard that was designed based the inspiration of nature and will be the right solution if you need an elegant storage unit but you have not had yet. The LEAVES was designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo, an Italian architect, and produced by Tonin CASA. The natural inspiration of this elegant sideboard is a leave. This interesting storage unit has a beautiful leaves printing on the doors of this sideboard that will grab a lot of attention. With this leaves printing, the sideboard is much better than the ordinary sideboard with flat surface. It has perfect delicacy of the design. It also has completeness of the function.

This captivating sideboard is able to store some goods as it has some spacious storage, racks and drawers. Placing in your modern yet elegant kitchen, you will find a perfect decoration and function as all your cutlery sets are stored and hidden perfectly inside the sideboard and enable a neat and clean look. There are some available sizes of this LEAVES sideboard. You can take a look at the pictures below. The size will adapt well with your need of how much stuff that you will store. Appear in white finish, this elegant LEAVES sideboard will be perfectly integrated with some other elements.


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