Elegant and Futuristic Italian Kitchen: Kitchen 36E8 by Daniele Lago

Kitchen 36E8 is an elegant and futuristic Italian kitchen that was designed by Daniele Lago. The design of the kitchen elements is very stylish. They will catch a lot of attentions from the visitors. This will be suitable for the contemporary kitchen where some persons usually gather in the kitchen. With the rectangular designs of the interesting kitchen elements and colorful glossy finish, the kitchen looks really attractive. The combination of the flashy white, orange and green of the shelving units, for example, has successfully grabbed so many attentions.

Then, the design is also very sleek without any handles appear. This makes the shelves look flawless and clean. The combination of green and black of the modern kitchen cabinet also works excellently. There is also the other combination of black and orange. The layout of the shelves and cabinet is excellent and can be rearranged and reorganized to meet the needs of the users. I love also the combination of the carpet and dining space. I prefer to have the carpet for this kind of kitchen design. With grass-like carpet, one can experience to have entertainment when they are having a nice picnic. This will give a special sense to them. However, having special dining space is also amazing. That is based on one’s appetite. And let me see, what and how is your appetite?


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