Excellent Furniture Collection of Kitchens and Wardrobes by Henrique Steyer

I found a nice photography by Federico Cedrone of an excellent furniture collection of kitchens and wardrobes by Henrique Steyer from Albus Design. This excellent collection entitled Charm Collection is for Brazilian furniture manufacturer Florense. The design looks simple, but it was from a study of making futuristic furniture. The designer with the products wanted to see the future. The design was the result of the past studying, reconstructing the present and predicting of the future. This Henrique Steyer’s collection is preserving some things from past that should exist for the next years so that one can feel the peaceful ambiance of the past. Not only the design of the collection of kitchens and wardrobes that we should pay attention, but also the layout and decoration of the kitchen and wardrobe are also interesting.

The design of the collection is uncontestable with a simple line of rectangular furniture. The furniture is available in some colors that all of them are exciting. The attachment of some items to decorate the room works excellently. With the artworks such as artistic statues and beautiful drawings, the flowers, creative yet awesome lights and some other decorative elements the ambience is really perfect. What do you think about this cool Henrique Steyer’s collection of kitchens and wardrobes?


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