Four remarkable design with different philosophy

A fabulous design must be come from a talented designer which has a strong feeling in creating an objects. We would like to see the wonderful constructions and give big applause to the designer as well. Here are the fascinating bathroom design by rockstar designers.

Here we try to see an amusing creation by Patricia Urquiola. She takes an important place in male-dominated product design industry, therefore she is called Uragano Urquiola or Hurricane Urquiola by the Italian press. Her work have been influence the world of interior design. The collection she made is very unique in shapes and detail. Natural ambiance can be felt by the greeny concept of the bathing space. Evey detail is considered meaningfully in order to promote the general elements.
Now we move to a juicy design created by a French designer, Philippe Starck. New York’s Museum of Art has displayed his design of iconic Juicy Salif lemon squeezer that has a strong invention ‘to start conversations’ rather than ‘to squeeze lemons’. His creation of ensuite bathroom dressing room focus on the shower as the central element of personal well-being in a bathing space. The collaboration between these two room is a stunning design.

Another great designer which is also an architect and inventor is co-founder of the revolutionary Studi Massaud. He is Jean-Marie Massaud, a multitalented designer who got ‘Grand Prix de la Salle de Bainsd’Hotel 2012 Award of Hotel Bathroom Prize 2012. His incredible designs take nature tone as the basic elements of flooring and some furniture which is represented by wooden detail.
Andreas haug and Tom Schonherr are the founder of Phoenix Design. They take attitude as the inspirational philosophy in creating their decor. The predominatly white design compose boldness, honesty, and bright shine.


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