Functional Sink: the Herms Baby Slide

Have you had a baby and been confused of how and where you will let your baby take a bath? If you do not have enough space in your home, you do not need to have a bathinette for your little baby but you can only have this functional sink, the Herms Baby Slide. The Herms Baby Slide is a multifunction sink that one can have cabinet and bathtub from this sink. It is very practical and easy to use. There is a flexible sliding door of the sink. With the door, one can have a certain function. When one needs a sink, one can slide the door to the right so that the sink will appear.

In this condition, the storage is closed. When one needs to take a towel of some other bathroom essentials, one can slide the door to the left. In this condition, the sink disappears. To have the little baby takes a bathe, one can keep this position when the sink is closed. One can have a mini tub for the little baby on the cabinet in the right side. It allows one to easily take a bath for the baby since he/she does not need to bend down the body. All the things that one needs are already near to them. It will be very practical since one can find some benefits from this multifunction furniture, sink, table, storage cabinet and tub.


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