Innovative Carpet Design from Ruckstuhl: Legno-Legno Wooden Rug

Carpet is used to give more comfortable sense and also to create amazing decoration to any room. Innovative carpet design from Ruckstuhl entitled Legno-Legno Wooden Rug will be one of the most wanted carpets. It is because of the creativity of the idea and design of the Legno-Legno wooden rug. At the first sight, everyone will think of a floor with this creative rug that it was wooden flooring. This carpet appearance is really similar to the wooden flooring. This will be a solution of someone who loves both wooden flooring and other flooring material.

This carpet can be rolled up. When one needs to have warm ambience in a room, they can apply this chic carpet. Then, one will see that the floor seems to be a wooden floor. When one does not need the carpet, it can be rolled up and he/she will find the other flooring appearance. It is a brilliant idea to have more than one floor appearances. This carpet is available for any room, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. However, the most appropriate place for the most maximal function is when this carpet is applied in the living room between two sofas and near to the fireplace. The warm effect of this carpet will be perfect with the warm effect from the fireplace. Do you think so?


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