Innovative and Practical Desk by Erhan and Mustafa Afsaroglu: the Reception Desk

An innovative and practical desk came from the Prestige Group furniture brand in Nicosia, North Cyprus. This cool desk was designed by Erhan and Mustafa Afsaroglu and entitled the Reception Desk. This amazing desk actually does not seem as a desk but it seems a creative and artistic sculpture to give a special decoration to a certain room so that some persons and visitors will pay attention to it. It has sleek wavy shape that is resemblance to the Besparmak Mountains in North Cyprus. This desk, at a glance looks like a miniature of the mountain without flat surface on top. However, this beautiful desk has a spacious flat space that enables one to put some books and laptop on it. Applied in a modern and stylish based office space, this beautiful and unusual desk will work excellently.

It gives the function as a spacious desk and also gives the uncontestable decoration to the office space. The uncontestable decoration came from the carefulness of the Reception Desk. This desk is made up of 92 individual pieces of MDF. Then, they are perfectly organized with some tubes to be an eye-catching unit of an unusual desk. This amazing Reception Desk will grab a lot of attention from everyone who sees it.


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