Inspirational Decoration with Classic Details

We provide you some pictures of some inspirational modern simplicity decoration with classic details of the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The pictures were taken from James Rosenthal of McGill Design. From the living room, we found a stunning interior with some amazing elements that cooperatively work for the living room best appearance. The elements that are included in this modern living room are beautiful and colorful sofas, armchairs, stylish coffee tables, elegant shelving units, warm fireplace and some other decorative items such as creative mirrors, fresh flowers, beautiful lightings, soft carpet, smooth cushions, statues and flasks.

All those elements are arranged excellently to create amazing look and feel. There is a comfortable pink sofa in front of a giant mirror attached on the wall. There are two white cushions on the sofa that give a comfortable sense and decorative colors combination of pink and white. Near to the huge mirror, both of left and right side, there is twin or a couple of wall lamp with attractive shape. There is also sofa with some cushions and an armchair stand near to a fireplace. It looks warm to gather in this sofa. Then, near to the window with luxurious curtain, there is an office space. The arrangement of this living room is excellent. And I want to know what you can say for the kitchen and bathroom.


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