Interesting and Captivating Shelving Unit: Hole in the Floor

There is one more interesting and captivating product for you who love creative and unusual furniture in your modern or traditional themed home. The product is a surprising shelving unit, Hole in the Floor, which was created by the collaboration between Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay. It has original design that is absolutely different with the other shelving units. It is not mounted or attached on the wall, but it is located on the floor with artistic yet creative way. In line with its name, the shelving unit is located in a hole in the floor. It is not in a straight line, but in an eye-catching aslant position.

This is a very brilliant idea to have a well looking shelving unit in the floor with elegant look and uncontestable function. One may have only one Hole in the Floor or may more than one according to their needs of how much books that will be stored. If one needs more than one shelving unit, there are still some other Hole in the Floor with various sizes. One can combine those shelving units in a nice arrangement (take a look at the pictures for the inspiration). This interesting shelving unit is different with others as one can’t put some goods on it since the surface is also in aslant position. Are you interested?


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