Interior design in simple and minimalist view

For those who love simplicity, these designs are strongly suggested. Created base on Japanese tradtional Zen philosophy which brings the simplistic, natural essence in minimalist architecture and design, these design are able to maintain a deep feeling strong impression through the little amount of details. Bringing the esstential functions of each elements, these designs try to speak up that a great tone can come from the simple scheme.

Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect apply the philosophy through the designs he made. All the materials is constructed wisely to bring them back to nature. Wooden furniture is mostly used to create natural atmosphere in these design and applied in the bare essential furnishings. To let the positive energy come in to the space and the light will be able to walk through, this design try to compose vintage materials with an aged patina. Undirectly, this elements will enrich the minimalist space. Beside giving a tone to each space by arranging the details, the designer also consider about the unity of each elements. Sliding doors is put to answer that consideration.

Urban loft is able to povide a coziness and peacefulness; while glass panels give catchy look in its brght. Without denying the minimalist philosophy that commonly use white and neutral colors, this design does not forget the childreen’s needs of attractive views in their private place by adding brilliant colors to enrich the tone of happiness, but still in simple style and layout. In integrating natural beauty into this design, the designer adds greeny plants in some spots of some spaces house.


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