Modern design for energetic youth

Teenager is known as more energetic people. They like to explore anything around them and want to know everything. It is also applied in their private room. Considering those criteria, an Italian furniture manufacturer, Tumidei create a well-made room based on contemporary design in order to facilitate the teens.

Colors are able to motivate our days, especially bad days that commonly occur in teenagers’ life. Therefore, the best choice of colorful, neutral, monochromatic, or even clashing should be perfectly applied in their private place. The tones that created by colors are able to maintain the ambiance in every spot of a room. Adjust the color according what the owner wants then a special room will be very special more and more.

Taking wallpaper as the focus of the whole room is a great idea. Patterned, colorful or wallpapaer with photographs will increase the feeling of the whole area. You may add pictures or art painting by hanging them on your special spot to attract the attention even if it is your own painting.

Bed is the biggest furniture of private place which take the most important place. In order to make you stay long and feel the comfort and of course to let you have sweet dreams everyday, bed should be chosen as wish. The soft and gentle material which is placed neatly on a four-leg bed, canopy bed, or directly on the floor should be adjust with the whole ornaments to promote the feeling. Also, place other elements like small sofa or multimedia gadgetry to develop the whole ambiance in a good mood.


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