The Modern Smallroom by Ineke Hans for OFFECCT

The Smallroom is a cool seating unit that is comfortable and supports for privacy that can be applied in your office space. The Smallroom was designed with modern touch and will give elegant look for your office space. The design is unusual with high side and back panels. This amazing and interesting design comes from a Dutch designer, Ineke Hans, for Swedish company, OFFECCT. With the creative design of giving panels in this excellent Smallroom, one can have comfortable experience when they are sitting on this modern Smallroom as they can lean on their back and head. Besides its comfortable effect, the panel can also give private session since the user is isolated with others. When one is working, this panel is really helpful that they will be disturbed by other persons. There are three sizes of the Smallroom, 1 meter, 1.5 meters and 2 meter long. Those three Smallrooms in different sizes can be integrated and positioned according to the need and situation.

There are some pictures to give understanding of some possible configurations of this modern Smallroom. There will be triple W configurations, WORK configuration, WEED configuration and WAIT configuration. In each configuration based on the situation, the functional arms of the Smallroom will work according to the need. In WORK configuration, the arm can be a place where one can put their laptop. In WEED configuration, the arm will be a vase-like as one can put plants. In WAIT configuration, one can put some newspapers and magazines. There are also some available colors that you can choose according to the decoration of the office space.


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