Simple Curvy Lines Bathroom Sets Appears Beautifully

Beautiful Lilac bathroom sets by Aquaplus was designed for the girls when they need special powder room. The design looks simple with the curvy lines of the bathroom sets. It consists of a washbasins area complete with the interesting mirrors, shower area and toilet.  They are all designed with a sleek shape and look so beautiful. Moreover, with the glossy finish of pink color, this beautiful Lilac bathroom sets will be more interesting for girls. The washbasins area consists of pink thin washbasins with modern faucets. The water flows and is thrown through a slim pipe.

Above the bathroom washbasins, there are two circle mirrors that will be suitable for the decoration as this washbasins area is completed with a circle pink carpets. The combination of the mirrors, washbasins and the pipes and the carpets appear in a beautiful slim looking. There is also a simple shower area with a simple water pipe. Under the shower, there is a nice and creative design of a board that will drive the water to go. Take a look at the design and you will understand how the water flows away. Then, the toilet is also designed simply. Although all the elements of this Lilac bathroom sets are designed simply, the appearance and the functions are maximal and will satisfy the girls to use them.


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