Small teen room with foldable beds

Have you ever found difficulties in organizing your small room effectively? These ideas coming from Italian teen rooms maker, Clei, are stated to help you find out the solutions. Cle’s collection of teen room designs is emphasized on the foldable beds. This kind of bed is suggested to cover your space problem. When not in use, this foldable bed can be folded to conserve floor space. While expanding the space, the ornaments is also considered carefully.

Other elements which become the other focus is the cots, desks, wardrobes, and closets. Each elements is constructed to give place for storage. This is very useful to remember because it doesn’t take extra space of your floor. The floor can still be used as its function. These elements are also arranged in simple way. The shelves, cabinets, closets, desk, and the cot are pressed in compact looking. It is placed neatly stuck on the wall. Actually it creates minimalist tone over a contemporary room design.

Talking about sweetener of a bedroom, we can have a look at the rugs. Colorful rugs can be a great idea to apply.Your marble floor will be very amusing when being combined with zebra styled rug. If you like simplicity, you may grab a one-colored rug to cover your floor. How about two people in one room? Still with foldable bed, twin cots will help you that much. Fold it and enjoy the space!


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