Special home entertainment setup for your modern house

In this high technology era, we cannot deny the importance of electronic devices. It is also happen in interior design. The designers always try to find the most suitable idea to fulfill the needs of gadgetry in your living space. The good balance is also considered including overbearing towers of black boxes and spaghetti junction of wires; while the proportional space of your contemporary house still become the main focus. This pictures that come from Blu Ray Community user TheForce will make your eyes stay open to admire this creation especially for you, big boys!

Various manufacturers has been gathered in this setup features kit. The kit consists of Pioneer PDP-LX608D; Kef Ref’s 205/2, 204/2C, 201/2, and XQ10′s (all piano black); 2 x JL Audio Fathom F112′s.(piano black); Denon 3800BD, 4308 (as processor); DCD700AE; Rotel 1575 & 1562; PS3 & Wii; Sky HD; Harmony 1000 (RF extender); Z-Wave & X-10 lighting; Chord Odyssey 4 cable, QED HDMI’s, inter’s & opticals.

Don’t worry, cinema magic will not only occur in your ling space but also in your private place, bedroom. Considering your the comfort zone of your house, this design also takes place in sleeping area. A flat screen TV is plced perfectly facing your headback that allow you to watch any programs directly from your bed. You can feel the world in your home office by housing Sony 40S2030 that is used as a monitor, Technics separates, Sony Vaio VGX TP2S/B, Mission 73′s. QED HDMI’s, opticals & Silver Anniversary XT, Dinovo Edge, and MX-Air mouse for control. The kitchen also needs some entertainment to create the balance.


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