Stunning Armchair by Lavenia & Cienfuegos: Alma Armchair

A stunning armchair has been presented by Valencia based design studio Lavenia & Cienfuegos. This studio has created an amazing armchair both for indoor and outdoor with stylish and modern design entitled Alma Armchair. The design is very sleek and unusual. With this sleek design, the Alma Armchair will successfully catch some of your attentions. It has white and black finish of the frame with colorful fabric seating cube and a cube for the backrest. The frame was designed in a simple line and with sleek look. Combined with the colorful cube for the seating and the backrest, the whole appearance of this modern armchair is pretty cool. It can be placed in any room of a contemporary home.

It can be a nice seating for a living room or a bedroom to have relaxation time while reading some books. It can also work outdoor in a lounge room. The differences of the design between the indoor and outdoor armchair is that the indoor Alma Armchair is fully upholstered, while the outdoor one appears confidently with a plastic body. Look at the pictures below before you decide the color as there are some available colors of the Alma Armchair that will suit to your need both indoor and outdoor. Which one you love?


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