Stunning Exemplary Bedroom Designs

There are some pictures here for luxurious bedroom design both traditional and modern. The whole designs are stunning and deserve to be the exemplary designs for the next and the more amazing one. I love the traditional luxurious bedroom design with simple bed canopy and a simple headboard. With four strong poles in the bed corner that are connected on the top, the bed design looks very traditional. A white cloth sheet covers the back and upper part of the bed. The bed uses white mattress and pillows. The combination of the wood material and white mattress is perfect to give more comfortable sense for the user. Then, two simple side tables are integrated excellently with the bed.

There is a space in the side table where one can put some goods. On the side tables, one can put a table arched lamp on one side table and a chandelier on the other side of the table. Near to the wall corner behind the side table with a chandelier, attached a simple rectangular mirror with natural yet traditional frame. One side of the wall is painted in blue. With the yellow and green flower on a table near to the blue wall, the atmosphere feels so natural and fresh. Still there are some other inspirations from some other stunning bedroom designs. Take a look at them and share to us what you think.


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