Stylish Bathroom with Unusual and Creative Design of “Happy” Bathroom Furniture Set from Novello

If you are bored with rectangular shape of bathroom furniture since you expect the stylish one with unusual and creative design, this amazing product from Novello, an Italian design company located in Venice, will be the right option. You will be happy after you find this information, and you will be happier to have this “Happy” bathroom furniture set. There are some products of the Novello’s “Happy” bathroom collection; they are washbasins, cupboards and mirrors. The design of the products is very creative with a twisted shape that is very attractive.

This attractive design will catch so many attentions. The curvy lines of the washbasins, the rounded mirrors and cupboards are arranged in an excellent way. With the glossy purple finish, this “Happy” bathroom collection performs amazingly. For the details, you can take a look at these photos of the interesting products. Not only you who are amazed with this bathroom furniture, but also all persons. You can imagine if this bathroom furniture set was in your stylish bathroom, what the visitors and guests would say? Moreover, if you also have some items to give the innovative decoration of your bathroom such as wall lightings and elegant carpet, you would have the perfect bathroom appearance one that you could proud of.


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