Surprising and Uncontestable Panels for Bathroom Furniture from Duravit

Bathroom Furniture Duravit, a company that is experienced for more than two hundred years in producing bathroom furniture again presents another uncontestable product that is panels for bathroom furniture. Please take a look the pictures and try to understand how the panels work. The pictures are one of the examples of the panels that work with the bathtub. The panels will give a nice decoration to the bathroom and give more attractive effect for the furniture. One can easily set and unset the panels on the bathroom furniture with an “easy click”.

I realize that the panels are friendly for the user in operating them, but, what I am impressed from the pictures is the functions of the natural theme and industrial theme that actually can be resulted. Give your attention to the bathtub when the panels are unset. The bathtub will appears excellently in an industrial theme. And take a look also when the panels are set. The bathtub will find the right way to perform in natural or traditional theme with the wooden panels cover it. The panels also function to make a good decoration with a sleek finish beside its function to make a strong and rough sense of an industrial theme. Are you interested?


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