Surprising yet Futuristic Fontanot Staircase

Some surprising elements always come to give amazing decoration in every showroom since the showroom should have a perfect interior decoration. One of the surprising elements of a showroom is a futuristic staircase in Scavolini’s New York Showroom. The design looks simple but the materials successfully changed the simple yet ordinary appearance to be the extraordinary one. The Fontanot staircase appeared very stunning and successfully grabbed a lot of attentions from the visitor. If you have a luxurious home which needs a staircase, this Fontanot staircase can be the example. There are some ideas that you can get from this amazing staircase.

Having this interesting staircase, you will be proud to have your visitors are amazed. With the combination of steel and glass as the main materials, the appearance of the staircase will be luxurious, glamour yet extravagant. With red staircase, one will be astonished with the performance of the storage. It is best combined with some natural elements such as vases with green plants and some small stones that are collected in a certain space on the floor. Then, with appropriate and stunning lightings, the performance will be captivating. Looked from behind, front, sides, upper and bottom, this Fontanot staircase looks perfect – stylish, modern, luxurious, elegant and futuristic – to be in your contemporary home.


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