Uncontestable Bedroom Designs by Barbara Hawthorn

You must know Barbara Hawthorn, a professional company founder who has a lot of experiences in interior design with a lot of products that are uncontestable. One of the extraordinary products is the bedroom designs collection from her firm, Barbara Hawthorn Interiors. These bedrooms are the result of her amazing idea of combining the comfortable furnishing with fine art and antiques. The Barbara Hawthorn Interiors has successfully made breakthrough of the original designs mix modern.

The creations are in the pictures below. One of the most comfortable bedrooms was created with the combination of art effect of music. The bedroom with the available guitar that enables one to play inside the bedroom while relaxing is excellent. It gives special ambience of the bedroom especially for music lover. For the drawing lovers, there are also some examples of bedroom with artistic drawings that decorate the room. The Barbara Hawthorn Interiors also use amazing and interesting drawing dominating the wall and floor. Some antiques are also engaged in this bedroom design. There are some antique pendant lamp, tables and bed frame. However, there are also some elements in modern touch. The combination of the art, antique and modern result the extraordinary product of bedroom designs. What do you think about the designs? They are excellent, right?


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