Various bedroom designs for teens

Teen’s rooms always become an interesting topic to discuss. They need difference and what they need should be made attractively instead of ordinary. Zalf, an Italian company propose solutions to help you in maintaining young people’s room.

Red may be suitable to represent the brave of young people. This bunk beds layout looks wonderful being organized with red, white and grey color. The grey marble used as the floor create neutral tone to its room. Glass wall helps the morning light to come easily and bright your day. As teenager you also must have bookcase to keep your school books neatly. A big closet integrated with shelves is highly suggested.
A high level space on your wide room may attract attention. Apply blue color to lift up the tone of skylight bedroom design. Matt colors of rug can be suitable to cheer up you big private space. Or you may take an idea of high level book shelving which is allow you to display you favorite things freely. Make sure the things are seasonable so you do not have to access it all the time.

Considering the books you have, we sure you need more place to keep them. Desk bed storage is one of best solution to maximize the space. Instead of taking some spaces for bookcase, you can use it effectively. It also helps you to access you lovely books directly from your bed.


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